Multipurpose Washer Model 64x

wheelchair washer New Wheelchair Washer Model 64x
  • Newest on the market
  • Tallest on the market
  • Safest on the market

The new Medco Model 64X (extra tall) will sanitize “all of your equipment”

Best in the world!
  • Over 60 inches tall
  • Perfect for high-back and Gerry chairs
  • Free trial
  • Free delivery
  • Safest washer made
  • Washes 2 chairs at a time - up to 20 wheelchairs in one hour!
  • Multi-purpose washer cleans commode chairs, shower chairs, and other durable medical equipment
  • 300 washes per gallon of wash and rinse
  • Five-year warranty on all parts
  • Rust-free wash system
  • Fresh water cycles - no recycled water used
  • Solid-state electronics - no float switches, fuses or filters to replace
  • Free start up chemicals
  • Low maintenance design
  • CE, C/UL & UL Listed
#1 in the industry - over 2,000 customers

Wheelchair Washer Model #64 X (Extra Tall)

(washes and sanitizes 2 wheelchairs in 5 minutes with one button operation)
Dimensions: Length 58½" x Height 60½" x Width 34¼" Door opening: 30" wide 47" high



Overall Exterior Dimensions:

Length - 58 ½"
Width - 34 ¼"
Height - 60 ½"
Front Door Opening:

Width - 30"
Height - 47"
Inside Wash Chamber Dimensions:
(Useable Space)

Length - 47"
Width - 30"
Height - 48"

5 year parts
Price: $295.00 Month-to-Month Rental.

Please call for current Lease/Purchase & Purchase Prices.
Includes free trial, delivery & chemicals.
Lifetime Warranty on all rentals (parts).
Discounted demo units may be available with full warranty.

Washer use life is 40 plus years.
Medco's new Model 64X is a work of art

Medco’s new Model 64X is a work of art.

We have been building washers since 1994 and have over 125 years of combined craftsmanship experience. We have fabricated over ½ million lbs. of top grade stainless steel. Medco washers are washing over 3.4 million wheelchairs yearly. One look at the Medco washer 64X will tell you everything you need to know. It will be your next purchase.

“We build and sell a great washer - but our Customer Service is even better” ....
Phillip Brooksbank
Co Founder